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Monday, November 24, 2008

Plein airing with Peter Hudson

Last weekend a productive group of local painters – under the watchful eye of Peter Hudson – spent the daylight hours sketching, painting and soaking-in the glorious landscapes of the Curramore hills at Jana and Euan's property. When viewed through the eyes of artists, our majestic Blackall Ranges certainly take on a new and delightful meaning. The paintings from the plein air weekend will be on view at Maleny Artworks Gallery from mid December.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Plein Air with Peter Hudson

plein air painting weekend at Maleny

Saturday and Sunday - 22 / 23 November 2008
8.30 am to 4pm

bookings - Ken - 5429 656 -


Rusty Offerings


Wrapping, twisting, folding, layering and whatever we explore is used to create wonderful organic parcels containing rusty and not so rusty bits.
The final unwrapping reveals the most spontaneous organic imagery upon the surface of both cloth and paper.
Many other alternative methods and interpretations will be discussed for the student to have the confidence and knowledge to pursue on their own after the course.
These “art marks” on cloth and paper are able to be incorporated into many varied forms of art.
This process does not require the use of any toxic chemicals.

Dates … Saturday 15 November and Saturday 29 November ...
Time …. 10am to 2pm each day
Venue … Maleny
Fee……. $85.00 for the full course

Bookings – Ken - 5429 6566 –


A central theme underpinning Houseland is the relationships between the natural and built environments.
The exhibition is an observation, without prejudice, of the beauty, sense of place and order found in the natural world and the alternate aesthetic in the structural forms of the built world. Furthermore it explores the harmonious or discordant coexistence of these two worlds.
Houseland is also about mark making and the beauty of the imperfect marks we humans make. On one level it’s the physical marks of lines, scratches and dobs - made with a pencil and brush to recreate the natural world or to make individual statements. More deeply, it is the marks and impressions we leave on all sentient beings in our world through our presence and actions, conscious or otherwise.
Our marks can be clear, precise and permanent or vague, hesitant and temporary. We all leave mark …

and ...

KEN MUNSIE and closed...

With a background of some 25 years in horticulture, my art practice began less than a decade ago with a fascination for creating paper from natural fibres such as the Philodendron, Flax and Bamboo.
Then five years ago I found a mentor in well-known Sunshine Coast clayworker Jackie Gasson, and pursued a journey of technical & creative discovery with clay.
In more recent times I have combined my love of paper with my passion for clay to produce a fascinating medium in Paperclay. This is a mixture of paper pulp – made from recycled office paper – and clay slip – made from recycled commercial clay. When fired and glazed this medium produces a unique and rugged finish with a texture and colour unlike that seen in the more commercial pottery lines.
A surface more in line with the natural environment that never ceases to inspire me.
I have just started this Paperclay exploration and sees myself as an emerging artist on an exciting road of discovery ….
This exhibition is based upon three simple things - paper and clay and recycling ... The idea of the closed box represents the mystery of the medium - and the open bowl, the answers eventually revealed.
A bit like my own personality – maybe.
I hope you enjoy the work …

exhibitions run 05 November to 02 December

upstairs 50 Maple Street MALENY
t. 5429 6566 ... e.
Gallery hours - Wednesday-Sunday 10am to 4pm