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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Twelve Signs

Artists from COMA - The Collaboration of Maleny Artists - have put together a small exhibition at Rosetta Books in Maple Street Maleny.
The exhibition is themed on the twelve signs of the western zodiac - each artist has interpreted their chosen sign with great imagination, and each piece carries with it a short story about the subject.
All artworks are offered for sale.
The exhibition runs until 21 June, and the bookshop is open
seven days from 9am to 5pm.

Helen Almberg - Virgo the Virgin

Jan Scullion - Leo - alias Shelly

Jess Begun - Aquarius

Jim Cox - The Ram

Jinty Stockings - Capricornus

Jo Murray - The Twelve Signs

Ken Munsie - He opened the drawer hoping to find a virgin but there were only bulls and goats, scorpions and sheep ...

Noela Mills - Taurus
Rosemary Almberg - Pisces
Rosemary Almberg - Pisces #2

Stephanie McLennan - Swimming in all Directions

Annie Atkinson - Where do you belong ?

Barry Smith - Carrier for the Waters of Life

Carol Jackson - Pisces Changing Seasons

Deann Cumner - The Twin Fish

Elsie Brimblecombe - Houses of the Zodiac

Fiona Dempster - A World of Signs

Helen Campbell - Moon: Ruler of Cancer

Helen Campbell - Sun: Ruler of Leo

Helen Almberg - Cancer

Helen Almberg - Gemini

Helen Almberg - Leo

Helen Almberg - Libra

Helen Almberg - Libra

Helen Almberg - Scorpio

Helen Almberg - Taurus

I do hope you'll call by Rosettas and view this fun exhibition ....
Further information about COMA can be found on our website ...