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Friday, September 21, 2012

Flags for Peace 2012

The International Day of Peace is today ( Friday 21 September ) and special activities and celebrations have taken place all across the globe.

A few members of COMA decided to join in the celebrations of peace by running our own Maleny Peace Event.

This idea is the original dream of our blogger friend Mary Jane Dodd in the US ...     ... and her flags for peace project is aimed at uniting people from around the world in a mindful, cooperative and interactive way by sharing images of flags made and flown on this day 21 September.

So the idea for us was that we make a set of peace flags in whatever way spoke to us - metal, paper, fibre, wood - even feathers.anything we wished to use ...we then hang them somewhere on your property and took a picture of them in situ  ...

Here are are our contributions ... 

 Audrey Raymond - A Covenant for Peace - rescued feathers from a Cattle Egret, Macaw and Rainbow Lorikeet

 Barry Smith - Rainbow Peace Flag - made from abandoned umbrellas

Christine Elcoate -created these peace flags with school children whilst doing a weed printing project.
 Christine Elcoate - welcoming flags above her front door 

A welcome to the peaceful Dempter-Smith studio   

 Fiona Dempster - her 'weather-grams' have been growing on the tree for a few weeks now and each day there are more and more.

 Barry Smith - Peace carved into block of sandstone
installed at Booroobin Retreat

 Ken Munsie - quoted Mother Teresa "peace begins with a smile"

 Ken Munsie - Peace Unshackled greets visitors in the garden

 Kim Schoenberger - rusty rural peace flags - 
letters cut by water-jet through the rusted metal.

 Mieke van Sambeeck - peace flags over the dam.  

 More from Mieke - raku clay tiles

 Noela Mills - brilliant flags sending a strong message up the street

 Rosetta Book Shop - Maple Street window display on the theme of peace

Steve Powell - cut from different clay bodies using a water jet cutter .

 Maleny Library - Peace Artists Books in the main entrance - 
Noela Mills, Fiona dempster, Barry Smith and Ken Munsie

 Ken and Michael - Be still and let the peace of this place wash over you - installed at Booroobin Retreat

Stephanie McLennan - Dove of Peace at her front gate - with the peace dog
and what could be more peaceful than a spray of purple wisteria from my garden - as seen from my kitchen window . ..


Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will be as one. 
... John Lennon

 I hope your day has been peaceful ...


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Food as Art

Now on show at the Up Front Club in Maple Street MALENY is an exhibition by artists from the Collaboration of Maleny Artists. Artists were asked to have a look around our wonderful Hinterland Food Bowl at all the “real” food producing outlets and  work to the theme - art as food - on 12"x12" canvasses. The results can be seen below and on the walls of the Club until 16 October.
Enjoy ...

 Rosemary Almberg - Fruit Salad

 Jo Murray - Lean on Me

 Helen Campbell - Four Pears

 Penny Rogan - Voluptuous Paw Paws

 Katie Wells - Ice Cream Wafers

 Antoinette van Geet - Capsicum Illusion

Janice Scullion - Lemons Yellow

 Katie Wells - Poached

 Marianne Osborne - Catching Supper

 Alex Bridge - 30:1

Gaynor Hardinge - Chillies

 Marianne Osborne - Making Marmalade

Helen Almberg - Jenny's Phad Thai

 Stephanie McLennan - From Hedgerow to Plate; Real Food

 Sonja Georgeson - Buffalo Gal

 Annie Atkinson - Garlic

Rosemary Almberg - Fruit Salad #2 

Deirdre Tomlins - Winter Citrus

 Barry Smith - Adding the Spice of Life

 Deirdre Tomlins - Soup of the Day on Maple Street 

Helen Campbell - Food as Art

Fiona Dempster - Apple
 Lynn Cran - Left Overs

Mieke van Sambeeck - Veggie Garden

 Noela Mills - An Apple a Day

Ken Munsie - Art is the Spice of Life


I hope you find this work interesting ...
all artworks are for sale -
... if you are interested just give me a call on 07 5494 2882 ...

COMA is a register of visual artists residing in the Maleny and beyond districts of the Sunshine Coast. Currently there are over 200 artists on the database. These artists represent a diverse range of genre and arts practices.

COMA organises regular meetings for its members to interact with their peers, holds professional development forums and plans future development of the arts community in Maleny, members are kept up-to-date with arts information through a weekly e-newsletter and are invited to exhibit in twice yearly themed commercial exhibitions.

for all enquiries regarding COMA membership
contact Ken Munsie – t. 5494 2882

please drop by again ... cheers - Ken