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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sculpture on the Edge

Recently 10 artists from Arts Connect inc. were invited to exhibit works of sculpture in the garden of Judy and Ron van Hoff in Witta ... their garden was open to the public over the weekend as part of the Maleny Garden Club’s "Gardening on the Edge 2011". It is a beautiful garden of some five acres and opens onto a huge man-made lake - complete with 7 wild black swans ...

I was keen to be part of the event, but as my artworks are primarily "indoor", I elected to do ephemeral works ... I just wanted to play in the forest with the leaves !!!!
The day we set up was beautiful and sunny - but alas - it poured with cold rain over the weekend - howver the miserable weather didn't stop the crowds, and we estimated about 1500 people would have visited the garden over the two days ...

 Barry Smith and I worked on a set of encyclopaedia laying a Path of Knowledge through the leaves.

The books are now resident in the little courtyard at my studio.

My other piece was a set of paper-mache Bubbles on the lake's edge.

It's always fun to break-out of the studio occasionally and play !

Thanks for your visit - please call again ... cheers - Ken


Jo Murray said...

LOVE those bubbles... and the concept of the 'path of knowledge'. I shoulda gone to see it.

Barry said...

K- so good to see that the path of knowledge now resides in your mini courtyard - I so look forward to seeing what happens to the collection over the next couple of years. - six monthly updates is not too much to ask I would think??? Go well. B