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Monday, August 29, 2011


Maleny Image 9:introduced
As part of the Sunshine Coast Council’s Weedbuster Week, 18 artists from the Collaboration of Maleny Artists have mounted an interesting exhibition of paintings and sculptural works at the Maleny Library.
COMA convenor, Ken Munsie, invited artists to research introduced species from along the Range, and reflect on how they have affected – or infected – our local natural environment … and to then create an artwork based on what they found.
Subject matters vary from Petterson’s Curse to Hemp to feral goats and Mistflower, with all the works created on canvasses of a similar size. Artists have also included a statement with their work that describes the effects of each specie and what inspired the artist to work with that subject matter.
The exhibition opens on Friday 02 September at 5.30pm - then runs for a fortnight at the library and moves to the Up Front Club in Maple Street for a further four weeks from 13 September.
All artworks are offered for sale at $120.00.
Fiona Dempster
Barry Smith
Cath Nash
Dianna Frank
 Helen Almberg
 Helen Campbell
 Jinty Stockings
 Jo Murray
 Johan Tijssen
 Ken Munsie
Kim Schoenberger
 Marianne Osborne
 Noela Mills
 Penny Rogan
 Sonja Georgeson
 Stephanie McLennan
 Tory Richards
 The Gallery Wall
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Jo Murray said...

Great collection Ken. What happened to the other umpteen members? Thrilled to see mine take centre stage, but LOVE yours.

Kim Schoenberger said...

An interesting collection of artworks, I'm looking forward in seeing them at the opening. K

Barry said...

K-the total picture is good. Small collection but just enough for that library wall. Well done K for round a few of us up. Hope to see a few folk there on Friday for the opening. Great photos. B

Sunshineshelle said...

Came here via Jo Murry's blog & great to see the awesome local talent on display here :)