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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mystic Treasure

Here I present number four in the Behind Closed Doors series of Rescued Assemblage sculptural pieces ...
This piece explores the idea of the black doors of time shutting away the mystical treasures of our precious memories.
The work is constructed from rescued timber, metal and glass plus hand-made paper made from recycled office paper.


Mystic Treasures stands 430mm high - for more details please visit my website -

The Story ...

The golden shards
Of the broken dawn
The silver bleach
Of midnight stars
Reveal the black doorways of time
Concealing the mystic treasures
of precious moments forgotten.
- Ken Munsie 2011

I hope you have enjoyed this blog - do call again sometime ...
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Angel's Trumpets ( Golden Brugmansia ) from my garden


Barry said...

K- well this series is really coming together - strong piece with the many doors creating unfolding mystery. B

Leslie Avon Miller said...

Very mystic, unfolding as it does.