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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Twelve Signs

Artists from COMA - The Collaboration of Maleny Artists - have put together a small exhibition at Rosetta Books in Maple Street Maleny.
The exhibition is themed on the twelve signs of the western zodiac - each artist has interpreted their chosen sign with great imagination, and each piece carries with it a short story about the subject.
All artworks are offered for sale.
The exhibition runs until 21 June, and the bookshop is open
seven days from 9am to 5pm.

Helen Almberg - Virgo the Virgin

Jan Scullion - Leo - alias Shelly

Jess Begun - Aquarius

Jim Cox - The Ram

Jinty Stockings - Capricornus

Jo Murray - The Twelve Signs

Ken Munsie - He opened the drawer hoping to find a virgin but there were only bulls and goats, scorpions and sheep ...

Noela Mills - Taurus
Rosemary Almberg - Pisces
Rosemary Almberg - Pisces #2

Stephanie McLennan - Swimming in all Directions

Annie Atkinson - Where do you belong ?

Barry Smith - Carrier for the Waters of Life

Carol Jackson - Pisces Changing Seasons

Deann Cumner - The Twin Fish

Elsie Brimblecombe - Houses of the Zodiac

Fiona Dempster - A World of Signs

Helen Campbell - Moon: Ruler of Cancer

Helen Campbell - Sun: Ruler of Leo

Helen Almberg - Cancer

Helen Almberg - Gemini

Helen Almberg - Leo

Helen Almberg - Libra

Helen Almberg - Libra

Helen Almberg - Scorpio

Helen Almberg - Taurus

I do hope you'll call by Rosettas and view this fun exhibition ....
Further information about COMA can be found on our website ...


susan bowers said...

Wow - these are wonderful Ken. Not many Scorpios there though! I don't think you've blogged since I began blogging as this is the first time I have seen one come in since February. Fiona got me started ....... two years after Shannon Garson explained how to do it!

Mieke van Sambeeck said...


Fiona Dempster said...

Hi Ken - it looks great from here; will hopefully check it out this week. Lots of colour and movement!