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Friday, October 17, 2008

Simple Gestures and neo 3D landscapes

During the month of October Maleny Artworks Gallery is presenting two major exhibitions by well known Range artists Noela Mills and Phil Gordon.

Noela Mills has put together a series of dynamic ‘landscapes’ of line and texture, expressed through the spontaneous use of brush and paint with honest, simple and noble gestures. Her exhibition - titled Simple Gestures - is a collection of recent works exploring her deep connection with both the Australian landscape, in all its glorious shapes, colours and moods and her focus on Japanese Zen Buddhist aesthetics. In her own way she brings the two together with her personal mix of media and design. These paintings are an absolute delight.

Phil Gordon originally trained in ceramics and sculpture at the University of Tasmania and over the past twenty four years has cycled from 3D to 2D exploring each medium individually. In this latest show – neo 3D landscapes - he has combined the disciplines of paint and sculpture to express the interplay of our culture and landscapes using humour and the absurd as a catalyst for Western cultural icons and consumer victims.

The exhibition will run from 08 October until 04 November - and the works can also be viewed on the Gallery website -

upstairs 50 Maple Street - MALENY
07 5429 6566

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