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Sunday, November 29, 2009

After the Burn

Patricia Cale - "After the Burn"

Opening last night - and running through to 23 December - Main Street Gallery in Montville is hosting an exciting exhibition of new paintings by Patricia Cale. The exhibition is titled ‘After the burn’ .
Patricia's ability to make powerful marks and manipulate different media, in contemporary paintings and mixed media artworks, is clearly demonstrated in this new work.
With parallels drawn from the powerful new energy released from the initially destructive process of fire, Patricia has drawn much of her colour research from recent fires at Tuchekoi.
She has observed the amazing recovery of the trees, with new green leaves defiantly growing on ash coloured branches, covered with burnt leaves.
The works in this show are a dynamic expression of the power of nature and its regenerative life forces.

Patricia Cale talks about her work ...

Marks must be beautiful, or the space between them cannot be beautiful.
My work is my communication. I believe all art is about communication - it should touch a common chord and feed the soul.
It's the 'moment' that I seek, that moment where my ego disappears and the piece becomes something else.
I work very hard; the simplest result sometimes takes days, even weeks. At other times the work flows seamlessly, and that’s a privilege.
Every experience in my life I count as the colour I bring to my palette. I live my work, and cannot imagine waking up in the morning and not going to the easel. I am blessed.
I like to think that this explains my mark-making. My work is about the life force - in everything. That force which sings the mysteries. My marks need to be as fine as possible because what I want to create is that suspension of life. I don't think about death, I'm too caught up in life.
My new paintings draw upon the cathartic experience and are expressed here as metaphor through the natural regeneration of our Australian landscape - after the burn.

Main Street Gallery is located at 167 Main Street Montville - beneath the Poets Corner cafe.
To view the exhibition online go to < > or for further information about the artist, call Mark on 07 5478 5050.

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