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Friday, November 6, 2009

Four Artists: four worlds

Opening last weekend in Maleny is a stunning four part exhibition of artworks from four of our leading artists. Patricia Cale, Wendy Nugent, Barry Smith and Fiona Dempster have all worked separately on this exhibition, titled Four Artists: four worlds. It is an intimate look at the world around us reflecting on its many variances. The artists invite us to stop and contemplate the power of all that influences our lives.
Patricia’s bold rural images draw us into a sometimes chaotic yet sometimes serene landscape of our dreams, our waking and our desires. Wendy’s paintings are bright and vibrant reflecting the many phases of the moon over the deep waters of the Baroon Pocket Dam. Barry takes us on a journey into his sculptured world with recycled timber, metal and other found objects, while Fiona creates a stillness so perfect and simple with her wonderful calligraphic works. All four artists have viewed and captured their particular worlds in exciting and creative artworks.
The exhibition runs for three weeks at the Maleny Artworks Gallery – upstairs 50 Maple Street.

Wendy Nugent - The Shape of Water - acrylics on canvas - framed $800.

Fiona Dempster - Landscape 3 - drypoint - framed/glass - $120.

Barry Smith - Meditation Bowls - beaten brass - $35. each

Patricia Cale - Deepwater - mixed media - framed/glass - $1500.

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