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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Art in Motion

This past week-end Maleny went on exhibition with the Annual Agricultural Show. The first day of winter gave us brilliant sunshine and the bluest-of-blue skies with just the hint of the cold weather to come.
The show is a real treat - bringing the country into the town - and attracting big crowds of urban-ites - as well as local farmers and cowboys - to look at the cattle, horses, chooks, alpacas and of course all the home-made produce and art and crafts.
On Saturday afternoon the crowds were delighted with a display of sky diving ... and the last one out of the plane was this bloke with our Australian flag. The divers circled the township several times slowly drifting down and then landing in the middle of the oval - to hoots of applause and cheering.
Not only was the event visually exciting, but the sound of the huge flag crackling in the wind as it slowly circled downwards was awesome, stirring all my patriotic emotions .
These images were taken from my front garden that looks down towards the showgrounds.


Jo Murray said...

A grandstand view Ken. Interesting photos.

Ton S. said...

Great photos! Just came across your blog, very interesting. Will follow. Cheers!