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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Winner of the SCAP 2011

The winner of the Sunshine Coast Art Prize 2011 was announced tonight at the Caloundra Regional Gallery ...

Anatye (Bush Potato)Artist: Margaret Loy Pula 2009
Medium: Acrylic on linen
Size: 120 x 120cm
Date completed: 2010

Artist Statement:-

“This painting is about my culture. That’s my father’s dreaming. This is from my father’s country, that country is called “Unjangola”. That is north of Utopia, not too far but really desert country”

Margaret has been exposed to art for most her life and lived for some time at Utopia where the Utopian art movement began with batik works. She paints her fathers dreaming and the stories that she depicts include country, bush food and ceremonial designs. Her main story is the “Anatye” or bush potato dreaming which is portrayed using a series of fine, microscopic dots.

The bush potato vine grows after the rains. The women go out to collect the potato using crowbars to dig up the ground. The potatoes can grow quite large, depending on the amount of rain. Once collected they are cooked in the hot coals of the fire. They are an important source of bush food for the Anmatyerre people.

Congratulations to Margaret ...

The Sunshine Coast Art Prize (SCAP) is a national acquisitive painting and 2D art prize valued at $26,000 and includes an artist residency in Maleny on the Sunshine Coast hinterland. The exhibition of forty finalists is a showcase of contemporary 2D practice by leading local and national artists. call again ...

During SCAP 2011 the Caloundra Regional Gallery will be open daily from 6 July to 24 July, 10.00am– 4.00pm.

1 comment:

Jo Murray said...

It's a great work and most deserving. I had the privilege of meeting Margaret last night... where were you?